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Flooring Installation Experts Serving The St. Augustine, FL, Area

Dexter’s Floors: Offering Premium Flooring Services in St. Augustine, FL

At Dexter’s Floors, we pride ourselves on our dedication to top-quality flooring solutions with superior craftsmanship. Located near St. Augustine, FL, we take pride in serving our community by providing the best flooring installation services the area has to offer. As a locally owned business, we understand the value of dependable and high-quality home improvement services.

Whether you seek a classic hardwood floor installation, the comfort from a deluxe carpet, the contemporary appeal in vinyl plank flooring, or the versatility of laminate; we’ve got you covered. Let’s walk you through our comprehensive range of services.

Durable Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate flooring is an outstanding solution for anyone seeking both longevity and a stunning appearance for their floors. This type of flooring resists stains, scratches, moisture, and everyday wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for homes that house active children and pets.

At Dexter’s Floors, we offer a wide range of styles, textures, and colors to enhance the aesthetic value of every room in your home with our laminate flooring solutions. We are not just focused on offering a product, but dedicated to offering a world-class experience right from the initial design stages to premium installation and post-service maintenance tips.

Our team of expert and attentive installers will ensure a professional and quick installation process. We’re focused on simplicity, leaving behind an exquisite transformation, and a clean and tidy space that emphasizes the beauty of the newly installed floor.

The Comfort Of Carpet Installation

In St. Augustine, Florida, there’s nothing like the luxurious, warm feeling of a plush carpet under your feet. A well-installed carpet can add warmth and comfort to your home and bring an inviting feel that is always valued by family and guests.

Dexter’s Floors specialize in offering a variety of carpeting styles from a range of premium quality materials. Our certified and experienced carpet installation team ensures perfection each step of the way.

Stylish Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

For homeowners seeking durability with the seamless blend of style and easy maintenance, vinyl plank flooring is an excellent choice. This type of flooring is a popular choice in St. Augustine because of its superb resistance to high humidity conditions and water intrusion.

We at Dexter’s Floors offer vinyl flooring options in various trending designs, inspired by natural materials such as stone, ceramic, exotic hardwood, and more. The installation procedure focuses on a clean subfloor preparation, careful measurements and cuts, and meticulous setting to ensure a seamless and durable finish.

Regardless of your home decor preference, Dexter’s Floors is geared up to pamper you with vinyl flooring options that warrant high performance, resilience, beauty, and low maintenance.

Elegant Hardwood Floor Installation

A classic hardwood floor expresses quality in its own elegant language. Dexter’s Floors is proud to present sustainable and premium hardwood floor installation services in St Augustine and neighboring areas.

Flooring installation done by Dexter’s Floors involves precise, step-by-step preparations, from the accurate leveling of the subfloor to diligent layout planning. Each plank is meticulously installed, sealed, and finished to deliver the aesthetically pleasing finish and dependable durability you’d expect from high-quality hardwood flooring.

We strive to make your home renovations as smooth as possible by offering comprehensive assistance throughout your flooring installation journey, from choosing the best flooring to exceptional customer service. When you choose Dexter’s Floors, you don’t just get a flooring installation service provider; you receive an experience of unrivaled quality and lasting satisfaction. So reach out to us today, and let’s get started with your flooring installation services.

Subfloor Repair Experts Serving The St. Augustine, FL, Area

At Dexter’s Floors, our focus is laser-targeted on offering expert subfloor repair services. Proudly serving residents and businesses in the flourishing city of St. Augustine, FL, we have become an industry leader in this specialized field. 

Demolition Tile Floor

Our services at Dexter’s Floors do not merely end with the delivery of exceptional subfloor repair services, but encompasses each necessary step that leads to the perfect flooring solution. As a result, our dedication to demolition tile floor services is to be expected. We understand that the first step towards installing new floors or resolving subfloor issues is often a well-executed demolition process. 

Our crew gracefully navigates through the many tasks involved in tile floor demolition – detailed inspections, a thorough breakdown of the process, expert demolition, meticulous removal of debris, and preparing the area for its new chapter. We are meticulous in our attention to detail, ensuring that nothing is overlooked with our top-line tools and methods. 

Floor Demolition

Floor Demolition is one of our core areas of expertise. Our team is ambitious and carefully selected, ensuring a smooth transition from a worn-out, damaged floor to paving the way for its eventual replacement. 

To make sure we lay a strong foundation for the next process, every floor demolition project is carefully handled. We attend to rooms big and small, making sure to meet your needs and preferences. Our state-of-the-art tools and masterful demolition techniques ensure that everything from the upper layer of hardwood or tiles to the subfloor materials is fully removed, scraped clean, and prepared to move forward.

Bathroom Floor Tile Demolition

When it comes to Bathroom Floor Tile Demolition, our approach is no different, except for the thoughtful consideration we put into this project. Bathrooms bring on their fair share of challenges – compact spaces, close proximity to living areas, and water taps and fixtures that require special attention. We have mastered the tactics of undertaking bathroom floor tile demolition without introducing any unnecessary obstacles thanks to the experience of our team.

We understand the importance of staying away from water lines during the demolition, as any damage to water lines could be extensive. Our crew makes it a point to ensure the process of demolition is accomplished without stepping on any minefields. 

Our team at Dexter’s Floors will ensure every corner of your property we work on will be given the full attention and meticulous treatment that it deserves. Whether it’s a massive outdoor overhaul or a small bathroom fix, a keen eye for detail, coupled with our quest for absolute customer satisfaction, helps us offer services that are sought after by St. Augustine residents. Whether you need demolition tile floor, floor demolition, or Bathroom floor tile demolition, at Dexter’s Floors, we promise quality, cleanliness, and a commitment that will set the stage for your property to bloom into its next phase beautifully. When you are in need of subfloor repair services near St. Augustine, FL, contact our experts at Dexter’s Floors.


About The City Of St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine, Florida, often dubbed as the ‘Nation’s Oldest City’, embodies a rich historical essence, dating back to its founding by Spanish explorers in the year 1565. This vibrant city beautifully contrasts the past with the present; showcasing Romanesque architecture blending triumphantly with its thriving modern tourist scene. Monuments such as Castillo de San Marcos, a 17th-century fortress with arresting harbor views, have been etched into the city’s antiquity. A visit here takes one on a journey through the available remnants of an indelible past. 

The St. Augustine Lighthouse, another well-known landmark, gracefully overlooks the Atlantic, a silent witness to the centuries. The cobblestone streets of the historic district also exude an ancient charm. Simultaneously, the city caters to the present by fostering an evolving food scene, bustling art galleries, museums, and beach activities for adventure enthusiasts. The Alligator Farm, a long-standing tourist attraction, lets visitors have exciting encounters with the Everglades’ creatures. Whether it is for its historical significance, monumental beauty or modern erudition, St. Augustine in Florida commands appreciation and invites explorations.

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