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Flooring Repairs


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Top rated floor repair services

Whether it be carpet or hardwood flooring, time can take its toll on any flooring material. Constant traffic, bacteria, & material degradation will begin to reduce the quality of your flooring to the point where attention is required. At Dexter’s Floors, we offer unmatched flooring repair services for commercial & residential property owners.
Our team is specially trained & certified to carry out flooring repair services with unwavering quality standards. All of our services are affordably priced to ensure that you get the assistance you need without any sacrifices.

We are a trusted service leader who has been in the industry for 20+ yrs. which has allowed us to establish relationships with leading wholesalers in the flooring sector. This means that you get the beast deals on high-quality flooring materials all the time.

Just like any flooring material, over the years hard wood flooring may have issues. This is why we have a Certified Hard Wood Flooring Inspector! If you’re starting to feel like your wood floors need to be repaired, updated or your new installation isn’t quite right give us a call and we’ll be able to help you take the best next steps!


We offer the following flooring repair services:

  • Hardwood floor repairs
  • Carpet repairs
  • Tile repairs
  • Laminate repairs
  • Stone repairs
  • & More!
Flooring Repairs in Jacksonville, FL area from Dexters Contracting
We provide a 5-year warranty on all of our services so that you never have to worry about being protected. We offer flooring repair services to commercial & residential property owners who need assistance, no project is too big for us.

With our restoration services your floor will be completely transformed into a structurally sound & aesthetically appealing feature of your property. We use safeguards to ensure that the onset of material rot will be slowed down in order to provide lasting results.

All of the materials used on our projects are nothing but high-quality options, so you get your full money’s worth. Our services are available to all commercial & residential property owners located in Jacksonville, FL & surrounding areas.
We offer free consultations to anyone who is interested in our services, give us a call & our customer support team will be glad to assist you. Due to our solid reputation in the industry, our customers constantly choose Dexter’s Floors over the competitors. We are your trusted Jacksonville Flooring Carpenter!